Romantic Wedding Flat Lay

In essence, every wedding has a romantic theme; it’s just a matter of whether the mood is pronounced or subtle. As we styled this romantic flat lay, we focused on the details that highlight the mystery of love. There’s the feeling of a question, Will you be mine, for always? 

A marbled backdrop offers elusive swatches of neutral color that creates depth and interest. A vintage-inspired floral arrangement sets the scene, with subtle greenery to make the silky, soft butter colored blossoms more distinct. Lustrous gold is highlighted throughout, from the warm ivory of the bride’s shoes, to the shimmered lettering on the invitations and the beautifully simple rings encased in a lush, vegan suede ring box.

The Color Palette

Romance is timeless, and the color palette we used for this look is centered on soft purples and subtle pinks, with a touch of contrasting sage green for balance. Majestic purple creates mystery and depth. Lavish mauve brings elegant luster and warmth, with nuances of Victorian beauty. Soft, pastel-shaded lavender adds a charming element to the flat lay, brightening the more neutral tones with sophisticated grace. The muted green evokes the natural warmth of the eucalyptus-colored greenery featured in the flat lay. Complementing, lighter shades of the mauve and lavender add further depth and romantic allure to this fresh, attractive color palette.

Must have styling tools

The square suede ring box in ivory is a structured focal point in this flat lay, but The Styling Reserve has several bespoke, vintage-inspired ring boxes that are perfect for romantic wedding flat lays. Browse our selection of velvet, linen, and suede ring boxes in different sizes, colors and settings. We’re confident that you’ll find the perfect one for your look.

Get more flat lay inspiration

Looking for more to inspire your romantic wedding flat lays? There are hundreds of beautiful looks on Instagram and Pinterest, and we’re hard at work adding ours to the bunch!

Discover flay lay inspiration on Pinterest.

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