The Styling Reserve Story: Linen is a Timeless Trend

A Timeless Trend. Is that an oxymoron? Maybe, but that’s linen for you. Used consistently through the ages as a token of nobility and sophistication, linen is also the most durable and long-lasting fiber.  

That’s why, when I was searching for a linen ring box and couldn’t find one… I was shocked. They didn’t exist. One of the most coveted fabrics in history to hold the most precious stone? How could that not exist?!

Trends come and go. One of the challenges of styling the perfect wedding is ensuring that the design and theme of the event will stand the test of time, but also feature beautiful details that resonate with the couple and incorporate some of the latest things the industry has to offer. 

It’s a tricky balance. 

The Styling Reserve was created to fill this need with artfully designed pieces that couples will love as well as elements that wedding photographers and designers will want to include in their styling kit. 

We didn’t want to create something that everyone else was doing, we want to create timeless heirlooms.

The Styling Reserve: Our Story

We love capturing the perfect detail shot. You know, the one that tells the whole story in a single frame? It’s like wrapping up every romantic detail from the wedding day and topping it off with a neat little bow. To help couples curate their love stories, we are forever on the hunt, visiting antique shops, consignment stores, and local boutiques to find something truly special and unique. I’ve always loved searching for these one-of-a-kind items that I can use as styling elements. I want these artifacts, trinkets, heirloom pieces to highlight the couple’s special story. 

However, during these times, my treasure hunting options are limited. Just like almost everyone else, I turned to online stores to try to find unique ring boxes. The bride-to-be’s engagement ring and the couple’s wedding bands are a focal point of their story, so a special ring box can bring a beautiful dimension and create the perfect setting to showcase this story. 

After searching feverishly online and falling short, I was underwhelmed with what I found. I wanted a sophisticated box that was different from what everyone else had. It didn’t exist. 

So, in traditional Lori fashion, I decided to make it.

I felt called to see this project through, since the stars seemed to align at the right time. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, all of my weddings and sessions for the 2020 schedule were being rescheduled. My kids will be home for virtual learning for the foreseeable future, so building The Styling Reserve seems like something I can continue to do from home, while still being here for my family.

I started with fabric swatches and some gusto, which resulted in a fresh new ring box in sophisticated fabrics that would give discerning couples more options. Ideally, I wanted something that would become an heirloom piece that they will pass down generation to generation. 

Our Values Are Just As Important As Our Products

More than simply creating unique ring boxes and other styling products for couples and wedding industry professionals, my goal is to create a company based on three key values: 

  1. The Styling Reserve is committed to artistry, craftsmanship, high quality fabric and luxurious products that create heirlooms for couples to treasure for years to come.
  2. We are equally committed to inclusion of all couples, regardless of race, gender, sexuality or religious belief. We believe that everyone deserves beautiful options when styling their wedding.  
  3. Our designs also have the challenges of the wedding professional in mind. It’s important to us that we provide easy-to-use tools and high quality products that make a wedding photographer or designer’s life easier. We’ve been there, and we want to help solve this problem for them.

Welcome to The Styling Reserve! We hope that you find the special pieces that will make your wedding details and your styling truly stand out. It’s all in the details, and we’re here to help you capture them beautifully.

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