Linen is Eco Friendly

Linen is the oldest luxury textile and is made from the fibers of the flax plant. We can thank the flax plant for the beautiful fine linen fabrics have been present throughout most of history.

The flax plant that is used to make the luxurious textile, does not have a single part go to waste. Flax also grows naturally and requires nothing more than rainwater to grow, making it the easiest textile plant to grow and the most eco-friendly. As if linen was not already the most eco-friendly textile, it gets better. Linen can also be recycled into other materials, most commonly recycled into paper!

With linen being interwoven throughout history as a coveted textile of luxury and wealth, it’s status as a luxury textile has remained even throughout today. Finding eco-friendly textiles can be difficult in the fast fashion industry of today. No need to fear, as the organic linen that we use in our boxes is completely biodegradable.

Shopping for eco-friendly products does not mean you have to forgo luxury and elegance. Our ring boxes strive to combine both of these elements in one place. From the soft, romantic texture of linen, to its eco-friendly characteristics, linen is one of our favorite textiles at The Styling Reserve.

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