Linen Care Tips

Linen is a biodegradable fabric that comes from the fibers of the flax plant, which makes it stronger and more absorbent than cotton. This can also make it tricky to clean, since the material may absorb a spill or stain more quickly. However, you can still clean linen after an accident, so don’t worry! 

To spot treat your linen ring box, use a gentle stain treatment like a Tide pen and gently brush the stained area(s). Allow the stain treatment time to work, before using a damp, lint-free cleaning cloth to dab at the area and remove the stain and treatment solution. You may need to repeat this process for darker or deeper stains. 

The best way to store your linen ring box is in a breathable cotton bag. The Styling Reserve dust bag that your ring box came in, is a perfect option! This will protect it from bugs, dust, and any particles that happen to get into your styling kit. You should never store linen items in plastic, since it can stimulate yellowing or allow moisture to build up, which causes mildew. You don’t want mildew stains on your beautiful heirloom ring box! Plus, mildew can attract bugs, and how gross would it be to open up your styling kit and find that an insect has made its new home (or found its demise) inside the ring box? No, thank you! 

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