Featured Artist: Grit and Grace Inc

The 2021 wedding season is one for the history books for sure. Nearly every weekend is booked solid for all wedding vendors this season with the demand being double the norm.

One fantastic wedding planning and design team that is thriving this wedding season, is Grit and Grace Inc, located in the Washington, D.C. area. The 3 wonderful ladies behind Grit and Grace Inc are Christie, Laura, and Brittany; whom all have over a decade in the wedding industry. Grit and Grace Inc have been featured in Harper’s Bazaar, Martha Stewart Weddings, Style Me Pretty, and many more premier wedding publications.


TSR: As a planner and designer, how involved does your role become in terms of the styling of the delicate details of a couple’s wedding day?

LR: As a designer we are very involved in choosing the delicate details to tell the full story of our clients wedding. From what items should be in a flatlay to being an in-motion detail to be captured, it’s all a part of the grander storyline of both people and objects to reflect back on in the photos. We have discussions with the photographer ahead of time and create a shoot list, we bring props, styling items and pieces of their wedding day details to be captured hours before the bride even gets in her dress.

TSR: When getting to know a couple, what do you find is the best way to learn their sense of style? 

LR: We love asking them about their family history and where they are from originally. That usually kicks off an incredible amount of discussions and kick starts the design on a basic level. We then dive in further about them as a couple and what they like to do together and enjoy in their personal lives and then from there note certain nuances about where they shop for home furnishings, clothing and accessories. We ideally want their guests to experience an event that is reflective of the clients themselves and not just another perfectly glam over the top wedding that could have just been for anyone.

TSR: What is the most memorable and/or challenging design project that you have taken on? 

LR: Everything seems challenging in the moment because we are constantly pushing ourselves not to repeat  past events of our own or of others. Continually trying to push the envelope and dig up new ideas is hard but that’s also the joy in getting to the eureka spot as well. 

The event that comes to mind as the most memorable and challenging was our Dallas wedding this past April which was supposed to be in DC September 2020, then DC in April 2021 but with just a few months to go we flipped it all around moved it to the clients backyard in Texas and had all our DC vendors that could get to the Lone Star State, on a truck to do just that. We scrapped a good amount of the design and asked for a trust fall from the clients both in logistics but also in colorstory. It truly ended up to be one of my most favorite events to date and reignited my love for event design after such a challenging year in our industry.

We truly loved chatting with Laura from Grit and Grace Inc. Make sure to hop over to their Instagram at @gritandgraceinc to follow their wonderful journey!

Photos by: @abbyjiu

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