The Emotion of Texture – How Materials Tell a Story

You may have heard that color tells a story, but the same can also be said of texture. The grain of wood evokes natural beauty and a rustic appeal, while the shimmery sheen of silk stimulates feelings of luxury and intimate allure. 

At The Styling Reserve, we handcraft bespoke ring boxes with high-quality and somewhat unusual materials to tell a story and bring out the emotion of the textures these materials bring to a flat lay design. 

Velvet: Timeless, Rich, Plush

Velvet is one of the most common and classic materials used for ring boxes, and the team at The Styling Reserve just had to include it in our inventory. However, we wanted to capture a different side of velvet’s story. Instead of dark and heavy colors like black and navy blue, our velvet ring boxes come in lustrous shades like English Rose and Dusty Blue to evoke emotions that coincide with the youthful romance couples feel during their engagement. Velvet is a timeless material, but every couple’s relationship is unique and special. One of our primary commitments is to be inclusive of all couples, regardless of their race, ethnicity, religion, or orientation. Offering velvet ring boxes in fresh colors or ring boxes made with different materials such as linen, suede and leather helps us do that. 

Leather: Natural, Substantial, Masculine

Leather makes us think of curling up with a good book in a big armchair in the library from “Beauty and The Beast”. It’s a natural, lustrous material that has an appealing shine when polished, and can feel rugged and masculine. But leather tells a different story when it comes in a soft ivory or warm caramel. It feels more delicate and feminine, like a Victorian lady’s kid gloves or your favorite chic handbag. For The Styling Reserve’s leather ring boxes, you’ll find a diverse range of emotion and story with each shade of leather we use. 

Suede: Supple, Understated, Relaxed

Suede is a type of brushed leather that has a texture similar to velvet, but feels more natural. It is buttery soft, and brings whispers of the story of all of the ways it’s been used in the past to whatever it adorns. For our suede ring boxes, there’s a unique emotion with every color. The classic beige of Sahara Dunes is perfect for a farmhouse wedding or country-themed reception. The warm glow of Parisian Blush and English Rose highlight the feminine grace of different shades of pink, which is amplified by the supple texture of the suede. Italian Summer and Dusty Blue incorporate emotions of peace and calm, the perfect infusion of blue for a coastal-themed wedding that compliments the neutral tones in seashells and gritty sand dollars. For a more formal approach, the rich navy of Starry Night is a stunning focal point of a flat lay, and shows off the glamour and shine of a couple’s engagement ring and wedding bands.  

Linen: Heirloom Opulence, Enchanting Simplicity

When we first set out to create unique ring boxes, The Styling Reserve team was immediately in love with the idea of using linen. This elegant and organic material has been used for centuries, especially by society’s elite, to create everything from clothing to luxury goods. When we use linen on our ring boxes, they highlight the organic simplicity that is so attractive about linen’s weave, in beautifully evocative shades like elegant ivory, graceful London Fog gray, and sophisticated Oxford Manor blue. Linen is a lovely paradox material that feels both opulent and rustic at the same time. It compliments a wide variety of weddings, inclusive of both high-end themes as well as more casual and intimate settings. 

Each of these materials tells its own story through the emotion of their respective textures, and when dyed with different colors, brings out even more narrative and feeling. We love telling the story of a couple’s romance in wedding flat lays, and each prop – from the ring box to the stationery – helps to bring out the detail of what makes each couple’s story so special.

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