Down to Every Detail – What Makes Details Important in Every Wedding Flat Lay

We’re all about the details. They tell a story, amplify emotion, and allow you to curate a look that is truly unique to the couple. Flat lays themselves are focused on details. Every item–from the larger pieces that define the setting, to the tiny objects that fill in the smaller empty spaces–provides another detail of interest and beauty.

Why are details so important in wedding flat lays?

Anecdotes: You can incorporate seasons of the couple’s life and memories that tell the story of their love and their relationship. Couples often accumulate little souvenirs throughout their time together; shells they collected together on a vacation, romantic gifts and trinkets they gave to one another, or even the bride-to-be’s engagement ring. There’s also the heirloom pieces passed down to the couple from their parents or grandparents; the groom’s monogrammed cuff links or the bride’s grandmother’s tiny china jewelry box. All of these details tell a story, which you can amplify with their placement within a wedding flat lay.  

Placement: The way you place your props and items within the flat lay is part of capturing the details and telling their stories. The idea is to first draw the eye to the focal point of the wedding flat lay, then direct the viewer’s attention throughout the image in order to visually express the story you’re trying to tell. You can also arrange and place items in different ways to express different moods. For example, you might tie one piece of ribbon into a loose bow in one area of the flat lay, and drape a second piece of ribbon as if it’s unexpectedly fallen into the frame to convey a sense of natural elegance. You don’t want every object to feel purposely placed, even though the act of curating the image is intentional with every prop or piece.

Continuity: The trick with wedding flat lays is that you’re using a variety of items with different colors, textures, styles, and themes. Sometimes, it can be a challenge to select items and place them in a way that feels relevant. It can help to use complementary items like bits of ribbon, wooden spools, and natural elements like florals, pebbles, shells, or pieces of wood to draw out specific colors or themes that you have in mind. 

Texture: By including different objects and materials, you can bring interesting depth and dimension to your wedding flat lays. For example, with a backdrop of loose-weave linen, bits of silk ribbon, an antique tea tray, wedding invitations with metallic lettering, and ombre rose petals, you can create a look that incorporates a variety of textures. 

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Dimension: As you place items within the flat lay, you can layer them to bring more dimension and interest to the story each detail tells. In addition to layering objects, you can use things like tiny acrylic styling blocks [Link to styling blocks in store] to prop up items or display them at an angle to curate the perfect shot. By adding dimension to your flat lays, the details stand out more and tricks like using styling blocks allow you to amplify these details and capture them in the perfect lighting and perspective. 

If you’re interested in learning more about styling wedding flat lays and The Styling Reserve’s tips and tricks for highlighting the details in a flat lay, check out our article “How to Style the Perfect Wedding Flat Lays Every Time.”

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